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David cook


How to look cute when wearing glasses?

I have poor vision. To get clear world, i have to wear my prescription eyeglasses. Sometimes, i think myself look like a nerd. Can you tell me how to look cute when i wear my glasses? Any idea?
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  • b3miine_x3


    Yes, wearing the eyeglasses with high prescription will make you look like a nerd. You could match the eyeglasses with some type of suitable clothing to make you look cute. You'd better choose the big frame eyeglasses which will make your lenses look not that thick. You could wear the colorful clothing to show the cute style.
  • Noah james


    Ok. it seems that you have to wear eyeglasses as a way of improving your poor vision. So, that is inevitable and could affect your looks. However, there are indeed some tips for you to improve your looks at the same time. Actually, there are some great glasses that could make you more awesome and mysterious, fashionable, such as nerd glasses or black glasses. Also, try to make your hair adjusted to your glasses. Try to leave a short bob, which is quite sexy.
  • ANN


    Ok glasses just like anything else cannot take away from your natural beauty. Just do your hair and make up every day and you will look just as pretty.

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