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Joseph campbell


Does vaseline help puffy eyes?

Can vaseline help people reduce puffy eyes? Why or why not?
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    can Vaseline reduce puffy around the eyes
  • b3autifulxlies


    Yes, the vaseline could help people reduce the puffy eyes. As we know, the puffy eyes are usually caused by the not good digestion and intestinal problems. However, the vaseline will increase your digestion system. At the same time, it can reduce the blood circulation and keep your skin moisture. If you have the puffy eyes, you could take it into consideration.
  • Kaylee peters


    All right, it seems that you are troubled by puffy eyes, which could make you look weird, and it could be resulted from multiple reasons, such as excessive water drank, or a lack of sleep, or it could be seen as a sign of health problems. Anyway, vaseline could relieve your puffy eyes at least to some extent, since, those vaseline could help with some eye problems due to its moisturizing effects. but it would be wise for you to figure out what led to your puffy eyes, so that you could fix the problem with more ease.
  • green


    As the case stands, vaseline can exactly reduce puffy eyes, after all, there are many eye cream made of vaseline. Using the vaseline will do help for the puffy eyes, but it will not get rid of them. It can be melted into water, doing help for the body digestion system to make the skin smooth. It will also indirectly cause the blood circulation go on fastly which may release the symptom of puffy eyes. Just massage eyes for several minutes with vaseline around your eyes, and keep it as a habit, after a few weeks at most, you will see the changes. Meanwhile, you'd better change your bad habits to good, just like have healthy diets and arrange the time properly, adjusting rest time, entertainment time and sportl time. I'm sure things gonna be right soon.