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Debra Havel


How to cure dry eye after corneal transplant?

I just took an corneal transplant. But my eyes always feel dry in recent days. Can you tell me how to cure it?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    There are some side effects after the corneal transplant. Your eyes may feel dry, which is the common symptom. You could have the good rest for the eyes, with little use in front of the computers and tv. You could not smoke or drink which will intensify the situation. In addition, you should drink more water to moisture the eyes. If you follow all these steps, you will find that your dry eyes will get released.
  • evil_lanruoj


    As to eye dryness, there are many home remedies that I can share with you. Because dust and wind might make eye dryness worse, so have an air cleaner to filter the dust in your room and put a humidifier to add moist to air which is good for dry eyes. When you need to go outside, you'd better wear sunglasses to avoid damages from sunrays, winds or dust. After your operation, the surgeon might prescribe some eye drops for you. If it still can't relieve the dryness, you should tell the doctor what your situation is, he/she could prescribe some moisturizing eye drops or you can get some artificial tears over-the-count. Don't prolong the working time for eyes. It needs rather a long time to heal so you should protect them as much as you can. The prolonged working time might cause eye strain, eye dryness, blurry vision and even headache. When you have time in weekends, you can try some lukewarm compress of saline solution. Apply the compress for less than 20 minutes each time, 3-4 times per day. Good luck!
  • Larry S


    All right, I can understand how you feel and your problem, because it is one of the most dangerous surgeries related eyes, and generally speaking it would give rise to a lot of side effects, which means that you have to take good care of your eyes afterwards. Now, both you and I cannot decide what you to, only the doctor who gave you the operation could figure out some ways to help with you.

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