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Can removing eye makeup cause wrinkles?

Is it possible to cause wrinkles on eyes because of removing eye makeup? Why or why not?
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  • Daniel christian


    Sometimes eye wrinkles could be resulted from removing your makeup, because the makeup itself is quite harmful sometimes, plus your rough action, your eyes could not bear such harm, thus eye wrinkles could arise, also it has something to do with your age, as well as the type of makeup remover you choose. Anyway, try to protect your eyes and pay attention to your skin and looks from details.
  • Kelly


    Yes, it is possible to cause wrinkles on eyes because of removing eye makeup because of the friction of the skin. As we know, the wrinkles will be caused with age growing. If you have to do the eye makeup washing, you could do it gently with little friction between the hands and the eyes skin. And you should wash them clearly. Or else, the sediment will cause the skin problems.
  • Diane Rhone


    Well, yes, removing your eye make up will lead to wrinkles on your eyes. And some evidences have proved that removing your eye make up can lead to eye wrinkles as well as rubbing eyes. As we know that the skin around your eyes is so thin that when you remove eye make up, it causes them to wrinkle back and forth. Consistently doing this will cause them to wrinkle faster. So you should not remove roughly. And generally speaking, you need to let the makeup dissolve a bit with a cotton swab filled with remover before you rub it off. As for eye creams, apply your ring finger and gently tap in the cream, don't rub it in harshly. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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