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Is it normal for a child to have bifocal lenses ?

I am 14 years old,but I heard that they are only for older people.Will people feel strange if I wear them?
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  • John


    Bifocals are special types of lenses which contain two prescriptions: one for distance and one for reading. It is much less common for children to wear bifocals; the usual reason is to help to relax an overactive close focusing system.Bifocals can he useful in treating some forms of shortsightedness. Some children who have trouble relaxing their close focusing (accommodation) may become shortsighted, however research in this area is not conclusive. Bifocals are also used occasionally with children and young adults in the case of convergence excess a tendency to over-converge or go cross-eyed. The reading segment of the bifocal lens allows the child to relax the focusing and convergence mechanisms when looking at close objects.
  • walker


    In most cases, children rarely need bifocals. However, some children who have eye pronlems may need bifocals. For example, children who have crossed eyes need to wear bifocal glasses and children who have cataract surgery done usually need bifocals. So it is possible for a child to have bifocal lenses though it does occasionally.
  • csky4


    It is much less common for children to wear bifocals,but if you are nearsighted have problems in close work such as reading,you may need bifocals .

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