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The relation of food and your eye health?

Is it possible to make your eye sight better by eating proper food?
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  • 04/13/2012

    food can not improve your eye sight better directly if you have eye problems .but you can reduce the risk of eye degeneration by taking food high in Vitamin ,carotenoids. dark leafy vegetables, carrots, flax seeds, broccoli, garlic, and fish rich in omega 3 fats such as salmon or tuna are all super food for your eyes .
  • Zachary eddy


    Ok, I can tell you something. Our eye health is ensured by a combination of a lot of vitamins, such as A B E, etc, and a lot of fibers, minerals which could guarantee our eye health. Without them, our eyes would tend to have a lot of problems, such as decreased vision, watery eyes, and so forth. Therefore,you have to get a balanced diet and pay attention to what you eat and your living habits. Of course proper food helps to build good eye health.
  • Lainey


    You can wear a pair of glasses to make your eyesight better. Supplement your eyes with enough nutrients will improve the health of your eyes but they can't improve your eyesight.
  • Jordan


    I know a way to improve your eyesight. I have tried that before. I spend two months in the outside other than watching TV or playing computer games. Then I found that my eyesight was improved. So I think that many vision problems are result from bad living habit. If we change the habit, we can protect our eyes.