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Why did my eyesight become bad unexpectedly?

I have perfect vision before 12,but it changed suddenly . Right now im a 13 year old and have really bad eyesight.someone says my eyesight got worse because i'm still growing and it will get better as my body becomes fully grown. Is that true?
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  • Ana evelyn


    The power of your prescription is irrelevant to your age growth. Glaucoma, Eye strain,incorrect use of eye, heredity & health problems may all be the causes of worse eyesight. You'd better check at your eye doctor to see the exact cause of it in order to cure it.
  • Savannah


    Does your family have the gene of bad sight? If it does, then you may get bad eyesight suddenly. Or you overuse your eyes during the recent period and then you get bad eyesight suddenly because it is common to get bad sight suddenly during a short time. If you have got bad sight, you'd better go to see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Geoff


    No,it is not true.The eyesight has nothing to do with your age,no matter you are still growing or not.If you don't pay much care to your eyes and overuse them constantly,they can get worse faster.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Some eye diseases can cause eyesight to get worse unexpectedly.If you feel much worried about it,you'd better have an eye exam.
  • scott burnham


    Your at an age when your vision can get worse pretty quickly because your hitting a growth spurt and your eyeball is also growing. If your nearsighted your eye is growing to long and this is what is causing your poor vision. Unfortunately, it won't get better and it will continue to get worse until it stabilizes when your in your 20's.

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