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Can eye floaters disappear over time?

Do you know why there are eye floaters sometimes? Can they disappear over time? They really bother me a lot.
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  • csky4


    Flying mosquitoes, as with you have heard, just as mosquitoes fly around the eyes. The major symptom is the perspective of filamentous floats. Flying mosquito is a very special eye diseases are also quite common, 40 percent of older persons have such symptoms in the majority. It can go away in the early, but just few cases, only 4 percent of the total. And in the late, the floating material cannot disappear in most time.
  • camzron


    Not exactly. We know that eye floaters is quite annoying, however, it does not affect one's eye sight. Eye floaters can be caused by eye injury, diabetic retinopathy, eye diseases. So if you once got it, it does not mean you are immune to it. You also will get it if you do not pay attention to your eye health. Many people often learn to live with eye floaters and ignore them. They never treat it until it really othersome, however, the best treatment time is missed. So eye floaters cannot disappear over time and you should treat it as soon as possible.
  • Zoe Wang


    some people' s eye floaters just go away with time going on while some other people' s eye floaters will still keeps for a little longer. Actually, as long as you begin to ignore this and think about some other things, your eye floaters will just go away themselves. Although eye floaters is not a serious problem, it is really very annoying. However, according to many people' s reflection, in most cases, their eye floaters will diappear.
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