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Ethan edward


Is there a cure for eye herpes?

My daughter seems to get eye herpes these days. Is this a serious eye disease? Is there a cure for her eye herpes?
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  • williams


    Eyes herpes is a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can be a serious case if your daughter does not receive prompt treatment. You had better take your daughter to hospital and seek medical care from an eye doctor. Antiviral eye drops such as trifluridine or topical ointments are prescribed to cure eye herpes. At home, you can help her rinse the eye with clean water. Tell her not to rub her eye, which can cause more damage to the surface and aggravate the situation. If she feels pain, give her over-the-counter pain relievers and ask her not to strain her eyes. Limit the time she spends on TV or computer. And avoid exposing her eyes to bright light. Wish your daughter recover soon.
  • Kyle kirk


    Eye herpes is a more serious nature of the eyelid skin diseases, by a branch of the trigeminal ganglion and half months ganglion, or some caused by varicella virus infection. Most of the lesions are light, very few form pus herpes, and individual harm for corneas, cause vision loss. In general, people under the age of 50 after herpes zoster occurs 1-2 weeks to heal on its own, but for elderly patients should be sure to pay more attention. You can use antiviral drugs, take oral acyclovir in the beginning, if it goes to worse, do not forget to get treatment in time to a regular hospital.