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Are contact lenses more comfortable than glasses?

I have been wearing glasses for more than 10 years. Recently my wife persuades me to wear contacts coz she thinks contacts can be more comfortable than glasses.Really?
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  • David garcia


    Wearing eyeglasses can be very inconvenient and sometimes even very stuffy and awkward. For example, you may have to hold the glasses back up to your nose bridge from time to time so as to see clearly. And when you are playing sports, you may easily get your eyeglasses falling down and broken. Besides, wearing eyeglasses for too long a time will cause discomfort on your nose and maybe deform your eyes and face. Therefore, your wife is right to some degree. Wearing eye contact lenses can help you get rid of those inconvenience caused by the eyeglasses. In addition, eye contacts can make you look more spirited and confident. But you should also be careful when you wear eye contacts, and do not wear them for more than eight hours a day. Pay attention to the hygiene of the eyes and the contacts.

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