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Hunter jackson


Why do they put gel on newborn babies eyes?

I am a new nurse in a hospital. I want to know why people usually out gel on newborn babies eyes.What is that for?
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  • george


    The gel that is put into the eyes of newborn babies is intended to prevent the eyes of the babies from getting infection. The eyes of the newborn babies are one of the most vulnerable organs of the baby body. And as a new life having just arrived at this world, the babies need some additional supplements to protect their eyes. The gel that are put into their eyes is antibiotic and used as a precaution for the babies because there are many invisible bacteria in the hospital and even in the delivery room.
  • walkietalkie131


    Well, yes, it is kind of necessary to put gel on the newborn baby. And in common, that can be good for their eyes. Generally speaking, tetracycline is considered as the least irritating to a sensitive newborn's eyes, for newborn baby's eyes can be very sensitive. And by doing that, it's intended to protect the baby's eyes from being infected by syphilis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia. Also, you need to know that when this infects a baby's eye during delivery, it can cause pink eye, which can just make a baby's little peepers very sore and painful. What is serious is that it can even cause blindness. So putting gel on the eyes can be needed.

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