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Why do i keep getting keratitis?

I was diagnosed with keratitis again last week. Why does that happen? Recently I keep getting that kind of eye disease very often. Do I need to pay attention to something in my daily life?
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  • Ana clive


    Keratitis can be caused by scratch, infection, or the injury and ecclasis of the corneal epithelial cells. First of all, you should stop wearing eye contacts if you usually wear them before. Secondly, you should pay attention to your eye hygiene in case of the secondary infection in your eyes. Besides, you had better supplement moderate amount of vitamin A to prevent the keratomalacia. You can eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as eggs, dairy products, fish, and so on. Carrots contain much carotene which can help the forming of vitamin A, so you can eat more carrots especially. Do not use your eyes too much, and notice to have adequate rest and sleep.
  • Myra Taylor


    Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea. It can be caused by injuries, contaminated contact lenses, contaminated water and viruses etc. People with Keratitis may suffered sore eyes, red eyes, blurred vision etc. If you noticed that you get Keratitis, you shall see a doctor. If you ignore it, it will cause serious eye problems even blindness. After you cured it, you shall take care of your eyes. You'd better not wear contact lenses, and keep your eyes avoid danger. That may help you keep away from Keratitis again.
  • crystalwhip


    Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea. Causes of keratitis are various. include An infection of a present, bacterial infection of the cornea, dryness of the cornea, and severe allergic response may all lead to keratitis. However, keratitis is a disease that can be caused easily. If you really cause keratitis often. You should go to see a doctor to determine the root reasons . According to your condition, the most possible reason is that you are allergic to something or you are allergy eyes. You should stay away something allergy resources, such as dust, cat and flower.