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How to wear glasses and look good?

Do you guys know any ways that can help me look good after wearing glasses?I have a date tonight.Please help me!
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    You can choose a pair of stylish eyeglasses. There are some rules for your choice. First of all, it is the color that you want to match up with your clothes. If can choose the color which is in the same color scheme as that of your clothes. Secondly, you can choose the shape of the frame according to the shape of your face. Round face can match square eyeglass frame, and elliptical face can match flat eyeglass frame. Besides, it is also the whole style and personality that you want to appear. If you want to look lively ansd smart, you can choose very "in" and exaggerating eyeglasses. If you want to look gentle and polite, you can wear traditional one.
  • Victor


    I agree with what MIRIAM said. In addition, you can ask your friends to help you pick a suitable pair of glasses for you, because what we think is suitable for us often turn out to be odd in other people's mind. You can also use Virtual Try-on System to choose
  • Rebecca


    you need to wear your hair down. Wearing it up will just show your glasses even more. Make sure to wear a little darker eye shadow, but not too heavy - you don't want to look like a clown. Also, wear some lip gloss. There are some very stylish glasses out there though. You should try on a bunch of pairs to see....seriously, some people look beautiful in glasses. It all depends on the best style for your face shape and coloring. I am sure you look great in them. You just need to get used to it.
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  • Ushaha


    If you%u2019re a girl who wears glasses, you know that finding just the right makeup and hair to pair with your specs can be tricky business. Luckily, geek has never been more chic%u2014especially since celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and Anne Hathaway regularly rock their fashionable frames, and the gorgeous beauty looks to go along with them.

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