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Are ereaders bad for kids eyes?

My husband got an ereader for our son last month. And I am unhappy about this coz I have found that he kept looking at his ereader all the time,even in meals and sleep. Does anyone know that can an ereader be bad for an eight year old boy' eyes?
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  • Logan hall


    Of course staring at an ereader all the time or long time is bad for eyes. At first, as long as our eyes to the light, the lutein is constantly in the consumption. Lutein is an important photosensitive material of the vision, the lack of Lutein will lead to see things unclearly. Another reason is radiation. It is not only bad for eyes but also do harm to body. Children playing games or watching much more books are most likely to lead to myopia. Experts say the children reach adult levels of vision but its ocular growth are no stereotypes, once the visual fatigue easily leads to myopia.
  • May Yong


    The answer is yes, an ereader is bad for an eight year old boy's eyes more or less, let alone looking at it all the time, even sleep, after all, self-control is difficult to understand for a eight year old boy. Cause kids are still growing up and their physical conditions are not well developed yet, the ereader which give off large amounts of radiation, and the long term effects of radiation is leading to various problems, such as decreased vision, eye strain, blurred vision and headache, etc. It is ok for him to use ereader, but you have to limit the time of it and encourage him to enjoy more outdoor activities. Hope these can be helped.
  • Paul Hathone


    Yes. Ereaders can be bad for the eyes. No matter for kids or adult, too much read at ereaders can damages eyes. If you read for a long period of time on ereaders, you may suffer from sore eyes, tired eyes as well as dry eyes etc. If your eyes always stay such condition, it is likely cause vision problems such as myopia, presbyopia as well as astigmatism etc.

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