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What foods cause red eyes?

Do u guys know what foods that can cause bloodshot eyes?I really need help.
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  • walkamong123


    As far as i know, some foods cause red eyes, it probably spicy food and food and diet from previous day. Besides, dairy products, especially hard cheeses, refined salt, table salt and fried, smoked and grilled foods can also be the factors of red eyes. In fact, there are many factors that can cause red eyes. For example, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption and cosmetic products used at night.
  • Emma


    Well,in terms of this,there r actually several reasons of this symptom.Usually,this is caused by a lack of oxygen and when the blood vessels enlarge under ur eyes.Naturally,u get red eyes.U should know that red eyes can happen at any time and any places.U may never know when and where will red eyes happen again.Just pay more attention to ur daily life and do not rub ur eyes that often.

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