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Do cataracts affect depth perception ?

Guys,can u tell me if cataracts can cause depth perception?
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  • Gabriella rupert


    Cataract is a condition that cloudy area in the lens of the eyes. They are painless. However, people who got cataracts can suffer many vision problems such as clouded, blurred or dim vision. It is really boring that cataracts can cause increasingly difficult for night vision. Some people even suffered from sensitivity to night vision. luckily, cataracts can be cured by cataracts surgery.
  • Robert Potter


    I am not sure if cataracts can cause depth perception. But cataracts can cause some vision problems. In fact, cataracts are painless and often occurs to people who over 45 years old. It can also be blamed to long time exposure in the sun. And cataracts can be very boring because it can cause clouded, blurred or dim vision. And people can also see halos around the eyes.