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How to get rid of discoloration under eyes?

How to remove discoloration under eyes?
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  • Bernice


    You shall know what are the discoloration under eyes. Usually, the discoloration under eyes are comes from dark eye circles which surround the eyes. And they are harmless for most of people. But they can cause some cosmetic problem for some people. If you ant to get rid of it, you can use some tea bags over your eyes. Also, applying almond oil can also help you treat the discoloration under eyes. Good luck.
  • Adriane


    The discoloration under eyes usually caused by dark eye circles. So, if you have discoloration under eyes, you can treat it as you applied to dark eye circles. Placing tea bags on the eyes every day for about 15-20 minutes can be help. Besides, you can also use massage the kind around your eyes with almond oil. Also, you can use some products that use for fight against dark eye surgery.