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How long does bacterial pink eye last without treatment ?

How long does bacterial pink eye last without treatment? Any ideas?
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  • cookie127


    It is really difficult to tell the time for healing bacterial pink eye last without treatment. It depends on your eye condition and how serious of your pink eyes. If your just got light bacterial pink eye, the pink eyes may go away themselves about one week. But to some serious condition, it may spend sever weeks or months if you let the pink eyes untreated.
  • Benji


    Bacterial pink eye is often occurs to children. Although it is not a serious problems, you shall treat it as soon as possible. Or it may make your eye condition worse, Anyway, you will suffer a lot of you let it untreated. In common, people with pink eyes may suffer redness in the eyes accompany with pain, burning in the eyes. Besides, pink eyes can be contagious. So, you'd better treat it ASAP for the sake of your healthy and your families.