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Can cold virus cause eye discharge?

It is said that cold virus can definitely cause eye discharge,is that true?
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  • Jade


    I heard that cold virus can cause eye discharges. Besides, cold virus probably cause burning eyes and watering eyes. And eye discharges can be a sign of some bacteria infection such as pink eyes or Blepharitis. In fact, the Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyes that may cause discharges around the corner of the eyes. And yellowish discharges can be caused by pink eyes. So, if you got discharges, you shall be care about it.
  • Benjamin


    Yes,this can be very possible.Do not worry about this,u should know that it is really very common that u have got eye discharge.Eye discharge is usually caused by watery eyes or dry eyes.This mostly happens when in the morning and when u get some kind of eye infection.I can totally understand this.Sometimes I also think eye discharge is very disgusting and I will choose to rinse my eyes under clean running water.

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