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Will it be harmful if i flinch or move during Lasik surgery?

I am considering getting Lasik surgery, but what if I flinch or move my eyes during the procedure, what impacts can it cause?
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  • Faith cook


    The lasik surgery is operated by eye doctor using delicate instrument and various solutions.Your eyes are asked to be focused on a fixed place during the procedures, if you move, the laser will stop automatically.
  • smith


    The surgeon will ask you not to move when you have lasik surgery.Even if you move during lasik surgery, there will be no harm because the laser is very sensitive to your eye movements and then it will stop.
  • Kelley


    You will be asked to stare at a fixed point during the surgery.But it won't be harmful in case you move your eyes cuz the laser can detect the movement and stop working.Don't worry.

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