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Jocelyn david


wearing glasses makes my eyes more tired than with contacts?

Can anybody tell me why?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Glasses will cause pressure just on the around part of your eyes.If you wear glasses for a long time, it is normal to get tired.So when you wear glasses for a long time, you'd better take them off and do some eye exercises to relax your eyes.
  • walkidiot


    If you're farsighted,wearing glasses would make eyes more tired than with contacts. When you look through the edges of the lenses work like prisms pointing in towards your nose, it force you to cross your eyes more than if you were wearing contacts. That is why farsighted glasses cause eyestrain and drowsiness.
  • exxxtazzzy


    It is a little strange. You can call your doctor and tell him the problem.
  • green


    Maybe the prescription of the glasses are lower for your eyes,so you need to force your eyes to see clear which can cause eye strain.