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Brooke peters


What can I use on my eyeglasses to keep them from fogging?

When I wearing my riding goggles it keeps fogging up, I even cannot see the road clearly, it troubles me a lot. What can I do to keep them from fogging? Can I use spray on it?
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  • Zoe


    It is quite annoying .The problem is often caused by a warm and humid climate.When moving from one temperature extreme to another (for example, from an air-conditioned building into the hot outdoors), allow your glasses to acclimate before wearing them. Keep the glasses in a sunny window while indoors, or wear them on top of your head for several minutes before stepping outside. Preventing the lenses from experiencing any temperature extremes will make fogging less noticeable.
  • cat_w101


    Usually, the cold temperature may make it possible for your riding goggles to cause fogging symptom which will cause the trouble for you to see clearly on the road. It is said that the spraying the soap on the lenses and then cleaning it clearly with soft cloth could prevent the fogging symptom of the lenses. You could try this and see whether it has the effect.
  • carl


    Well, from what you said, I can see that you are annoyed by the fogging in winter. So, it is true that fogging on our lenses would definitely cause a lot of trouble, even danger to our life so we must fight against it. Here I would like to recommend some fogging agent for glasses to you, which has got several benefits to you. If not only resist fogging on your glasses, but also, cleans your lenses and give you clearer vision. GO and get some for yourself.

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