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warren Andrea


Shall I pay for the contact lenses fitting?

When I first got my contact lenses, I didn't find any problem with my contacts. But after I got home and put my contacts on, I found that my right eye was not as clear as my left eye. If I take them back to the eye doctor and ask them to check this problem, will they charge me again?
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  • Jason kirk


    You'd better consult your doctor because every office and doctor has their own policy. However, it is normal that one eye is not as clear as the other. The most impotant is that you can see clearly with the both two lenses in.If you do need to check this problem, then go to your doctor.
  • entivore


    I think most eye doctor will charge you for an additional fee because the doctor will check the health of the cornea again and take some measurements, which is important to your eye health. However, it is worth to pay extra money because the health of your eye is most important.
  • Gabriella


    Well, It is really hard to tell. Different doctors will do different things. Doctors in my community will certainly not charge me and other customers because common sense goes that to fix your problem and continue their after-sales service is their born obligation. Go and talk to them, but remember to be smart and speak wise words.

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