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Ariana murphy


Who can wear the Titanium eyeglasses? Any limitation?

Is titanium eyewear suitable for everyone. Recently, my friends told me to try titanium glasses because they are very flexible and bendable. Is that right? Are there any limitation?
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  • 04/13/2012

    Titanium is a unique metal that is lightweight, flexible, and bendable, thus offering many advantages over stainless steel and other frame materials. Titanium is one of the most impact-resistant and lightest materials in the world. Titanium glasses are some of the high-end products, so they are usually expensive and only those people with high income can afford them. That is to say, not everyone can afford to buy the Titanium glasses.
  • elizabeth_starz


    Absolutely, anyone can do that. Speaking of titanium glasses, I recommend glasses wearers have a try at flexible titanium glasses. They are quite light, which makes you feel very comfortable while wearing them. Guess what, due to their durable and flexible glasses, you can bend titanium glasses and the frame will return to the original shapes. That's so great!
  • crazyuglycoyote


    Everybody can wear titanium eyeglasses. There isn't any limitation. Yes, titanium glasses are very flexible and bendable. But they are more expensive than the glasses made by other kind of materials. I have found some titanium glasses for you. You can have a look at titanium glasses.
  • Ethan edward


    I bought a pair of titanium glasses from an online optical store. They are affordable. I am allergic to some plastic glasses. I heard that titanium glasses won't cause any allergy. So I have a try. Yes, they won't cause an allergy. I won't have itchy and red skin around my eyes. If you are also allergic to some kind of materials I strongly suggest you to buy a pair of titanium glasses. I also think they are good for every person. So you don't need to worry about this. But they are more expensive and of less style. Hope this helped!

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