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Zoe williams


I just did some eye exercises, and the back of my eyes hurt when i move my eyes. Is this normal?

Like is this normal? Can anyone give me some answer that dosen't invole an optometrist?
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  • 04/13/2012

    It is normal.After your eyes are used for so long, and they become much tired, so when you begin to do the eye exercises, the eyes will get hurt. But as long as you keep on doing them for some time, your eyes will get relaxed and they won't get hurt any more.
  • Anthony gary


    It is not normal. Eye exercise can help relieve strained muscles around our eyes but it has nothing to do with the back of your eyes. So you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • miguel gaytan


    It is normal. Maybe you just hurt your eyes buy rubbing them randomly. Usually eye exercise requires us to massage the muscles around our eyes gently. If you press great pressure on your eyes, you may hurt you eyes. I suggest you to stop doing eye exercise if you don't know how to do it correctly. Maybe this symptom will disappear a few minutes later. You won't need to see an eye doctor. Good luck!
  • walkthewalk46


    It is not normal. When the eyes feel hurt, it must be some inflammation. Or the eyes are too dry after a long use of computers. I strongly suggest you to go to the hospital and have a full check on the eyes. If there is something wrong, you should accept the treatment as soon as possible.
  • el_chupa_cabra


    It is not normal. Eye exercise can relieve eye pain other than cause any pains. So you may hurt your eyes when you do eye exercise. But the pain will disappear a few minutes later. This won't cause great damage to your eyes. If the symptom persists, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!