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Christina may


Are there eye exercises for ptosis?

I have mild ptosis of the upper eyelid of one of my eyes. Are there any successful rehabilitative exercises that can strengthen this muscle and lift the upper eyelid to normal height? It's very annoying and unattractive. Thanks for any help.
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  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    There are some simple eye exercises that can help decrease the condition. You can have a try the One-Eye Exercise. The eye exercise can force the use of the affected eye and the eyelid muscles. This can help build the muscle's tolerance and improve your ptosis. You can roll your eye, or move your eye in a full rotation or in figure-eight movements. You can perform this kind of exercise for a few minutes in every hour.
  • 04/12/2012

    You can try this one that will strengthen the muscle of the upper eyelids. First you should close your eyes. Then put your index fingers on both the closed upper eyelids. Hold firmly while trying to open your eyes. So you may feel the tension against the resistance of your fingers while the eyelids trying to open. Hold for about 6 seconds and then release. Repeat this several times every day.
  • Cameron giles


    From your description, I guess you mean eye bags. Eye bags can be caused by many reasons. The skin around our eyes will loosen and drop as we age. It is said that women at age 25 should take care of their skin around eyes. There are eye creams which can help tighten the skin around the eyes. You can have a try. Hope this helped!
  • Jack percy


    If you often sleep too late in the night, you may develop eye bags under your eyes. You'd better form a good sleeping circle then you won't have eye bags. Sometimes, after crying for a long time, we may get eye bags too. Under such circumstances, a piece of ice can help relieve eye bags.
  • emkat_rodd


    If your ptosis was due to aging, you may need to apply for some plastic surgery. The surgery can help lift the droopy eyelids. But some people said that plastic surgery may have some side effects. And there are some risks. So I suggest you to consult your doctor first and then choose a good hospital.
  • Allen


    Eye exercise can help relieve the strained muscles around our eyes. They can help relieve eye fatigue. But as to ptosis, I don't know whether eye exercise can help it or not. But in theory, they can't help solve skin problems such as ptosis, eye bags or dark circles around our eyes.
  • tuener


    Ptosis is the drooping of eyelids below the normal position. It occurs due to a separation from the muscle tendon and the eyelid or weakened eyelid muscles. The condition can be congenital, growths, stroke or injury, arise from neurological disease, or muscular disease. It is said that surgery is the only way to fix it.
  • Former Employee


    You can try patch exercise. You can cover up the healthy eye with an eye patch or gauze then only use the affected eye as your only source of vision. This can help improve focus and movement of the eyelid muscle by forcing the affected eye to perform double the amount of work for proper vision. But you must perform this eye exercise in a safe environment to avoid possible dangers. You can consult your eye doctor for how many times and how long you can perform this in a day. He or she will decide all these by the condition of your eyes.

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