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Makayla peters


Where can I get a trendy Eyeglass Case?

I am looking for a trendy eyeglass case (my mom asked for one for her birthday), but I cant seem to find one that I like. I looked at coach, and their cases only come with a purchase of sunglasses, which seems to be the same deal with dooney, chanel, gucci, etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
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  • 04/12/2012

    The places where sell eyeglass would have eyeglass cases. You can go to any optical store to select a nice eyeglass case. You can also buy it online. There should be many type of nice eyeglass cases online which must be much cheaper. Just using eyeglass cases to search in google or yahoo, then you will find what you want.
  • Minaxi Patel


    There are so many trendy eyeglass cases online, so i guess you will find a great eyeglass case. The most important thing is that you can spend less buying trendy eyeglass cases if you go to online eyeglasses stores. Hope you will get your ideal stylish eyeglass case.
  • A.L


    The eyeglasses cases online are much cheaper than that sold in any physical shops. You can have a look online first. If you can't find what you want, you can have a look in your local eyeglasses shops or optical shops.
  • Austin


    Dude, just a case? Oh, I haven't tried that before. The case that given by the optician when I bought glasses in his store haven't broken so I don't need to buy a new case, but I think you can buy a new case in any optical shops. They have many different cases.
  • williams


    I have found this for you. There are over 200 styles. You can have a look at Hope this helped!

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