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Danielle warren


What are good eye exercises to correct myopia?

I have light myopia and I've been using glasses with -0.5 lenses for a couple of months. I heard of eye exercises that can improve my view naturally, but I don't know how to start. Any idea?
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  • 04/14/2012

    You have got myopia slightly. Doing some eye exercises can help improve your sight. There are some ways. Rotate your eyeballs from the left side, then from the right side. You need to do it regularly for several times a day. This can relieve you from strain and stress. Try to switch focus on near objects to focus on distant objects. Do this several times for 10 seconds each time. Remember not to wear glasses or lenses while doing the exercise, otherwise it will harm your eyesight.
  • charger101


    Yes, eye exercises are useful to people with mild myopia. And there are different ways to exercise eye muscles. One of the simple eye exercises is to use a pen and draw the letter E on a piece of paper. Exercisers are required to put the paper near the eye and try to concentrate firstly on the uppermost bar, and then on the lowest bar and finally the center bar. After that, place the paper a few feet away and repeat such a process until the E on the paper is invisible. After that, bring back the pen and start a new round of the above steps.
  • vincent


    There are many people who believe in the theory that keeping physical use of eye muscles can help avoid refractive visual errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These common vision defects are partially because of the eyeball’s contraction or elongation due to chronic tension in the eye muscles. By exercising the eye muscles on a regular basis, this chronic tension can be prevented. There are various ways to exercise the eye muscles.
  • Stephanie


    Eye exercise can't help correct our vision problems. It can only relieve eye fatigue. If you want to correct your myopia, you'd better seek other ways. Lasik eye surgery can help correct some vision problems. But the doctors will perform this kind of surgery on your only if you are a good candidate for this kind of surgery. Good luck!
  • Austin gerard


    I have mild myopia. Eye exercises can help relieve eye fatigue but they did nothing in helping improve my eyesight. I have a good suggestion for you. It is from my personal experience. I have spent one month in the countryside. I can't wear glasses at that time because my grandma will scold me every time she saw me wearing a pair of glasses. She was quite wired. But everyone in the family must respect her. So I couldn't watch TV because my vision was blurry. And my grandma said that you couldn't sit in front of the TV, it was bad to your eyesight. Oh, my god! I want to get rid of her immediately. So I spent the rest of the days, say about nearly one month, in the field. But later I found that my eyesight improved. It is amazing. But it works. So I think spend less time in front to computer or TV is good for our eyes. You can spend more time in the outside.
  • greg t


    Trust me. No scientific proof shows that eye excercises can help improve our vision. I heard that beta's vision therapy can help correct vision problems. You can have a try. But before applying that, you'd better consult your doctor of optometry for more info about this kind of therapy. Hope this helped!
  • Richard M Fawcett


    Maybe you can improve your eyesight in some ways. Lasik eye surgery is definitely not fit for you. I suggest you to spend less time in front of a computer or TV. This is good for your eyes. Or you can buy a pair of computer glasses to help protect your eyes. When I was in high school, I often read books in late evening under dark environment because I didn't want to disturb other people. Sometimes I used flashlight. But the harsh light did great harm to my eyesight. Later I found that my eyesight drops dramatically. If you are doing the same thing as I used to do. I suggest you not to do this anymore. Then your eyesight will return to where it was. Good luck!