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Kimberly percy


I Need New Trendy Eyeglasses?

It's time again for me to get new eyeglasses. If I'm not wearing contacts, I have to wear my glasses, so they are not just for reading or anything - they get good wear. I have already done the "cubic", thicker look, and am wondering what is starting to come into style for 2010? If it helps, I have a very irish "cat-eye", and green. I'd prefer to get them online because they are so much cheaper. If anyone has any ideas of what's "in" for eyeglasses, please help me out!
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  • 04/13/2012

    I find this is a good one , try this link : There you can find the latest trendy eyeglasses which including Intelligent style, Vintage style, Refreshing style and Simple fashion. Just go to see, it will help you much.
  • John Rodriguez


    Speaking of "in" eyeglasses, you can try vintage eyeglasses that are quite hot right now. Whether you like vintage stuff or not, you can get your hands on chic vintage eyeglasses. They have become "it"item for many glasses wearer. It's time to try something vintage, lol.
  • Christian george


    Sweetie, I suggest you to have a look at Hope you can find a pair of glasses that you like. Good luck!
  • Michelle


    You can have a look at Ray ban glasses are also very popular recently. You can have a try.
  • James taylor


    You can have a look at I think their glasses are very beautiful and trendy but they are a little expensive to me.

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