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Can I wear reading glasses and contact lenses at the same time?

I have worn glasses since I was very young. My eyes are different prescriptions. I wear contacts now. In school however I have a hard time reading the board in class. When I go to the eye doctor he says it is such a small change in the prescription that there is nothing he can do. But I have a really hard time in class. Could I get glasses just for those times? I see fine everywhere else. I just can't read small print far away.
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  • walkersville


    With reading glasses, the powers are particularly adjusted for the reading distances, But if you use it to see things far away which is more than the certain distance , it will blurry your eyes .Also reading glasses are used for people who age 40s and have presmyopia or have reading problems to help correct the focus .So reading glasses are useless for you . If there is nothing the doctor can do , you can try to sit closer to read the board .
  • Jade


    You'd better not wear the reading glasses and contact lenses at the same time which will be bad for your eye vision. You could wear the progressive glasses with different prescription on one lenses which will meet your different needs at the vision. At the same time, it could improve your eye vision. You should protect the eyes from several points in life.