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Oversized eyeglasses for girls - cute or ugly?

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  • Dawn Fazio


    Omg I hate oversized glasses/sunglasses...They are sooo friggin ugly, and compliment nobody...Stop trying to copy Jackie O they were a 70s thing, lets leave em where they belong......
  • Brooke peters


    It really depends on how a girl dresses overall, as well as the face of their shape.If a girl dresses like a business woman and wears them, it will be kind of weird for her to warm them. But if a girl dresses casually, then that is fine. As for the shape of their face, if someone is skinny, a circular frame will be fine, as long as it is not super oversized. As for those with a rounder face, they should not choose a circular frame. A more edgy frame will be better in order to contrast the shape of their face. Big, circular frames will only make their face look more oval.I think it is cute if it is for style, but if someone wears them all the time, I think it makes them look stupid.
  • Jason


    Personally I like girls wear glasses, I think they look nice in them, glasses also can do a very good job of protecting girl's eyes, especially oversized glasses that will make girl look classy and cute, and they are amazing for girls with a face with make-up. They look good on all face shapes. everybody is different. try to dress well and have straight soft fashionable hair,It takes good looks to attract a person and a good kind personality to make them stay.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Actually, it depends on the girls. I mean that there are ugly girls and pretty girls. A pretty girl wearing oversized eyeglasse does not make her ugly. Moreover, I think women with glasses are very hot. Unless they are gross women with huge spectacles! Hope this helpful.
  • Alexander


    Once I heard beauty is subjective, personally I do think it makes them look cute.