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Where can i get my sunglasses UV coated?

hi, i have a pair of sunglasses that are really cool and trendy looking, but i have a suspicion that they do not have UV protection. they are cheap crappy sunglasses, but i really like the style and would want to wear in the public in the sun. my question is, is it possible to bring this in somewhere to get it UV treated for UV protection? thanks
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  • emiliaenespanol


    If you are unsure if your sunglasses block UV rays, take them to your optician and ask. Most eye care providers can test the lenses to tell how much protection your lenses will provide. Also you can ask them if it is possible to make the sunglasses coating . I guess it won't be difficult .
  • cnpriest


    You could just bring the sunglasses to the real store of the eyeglasses to let the professional client add the coating part for you. About the price, you could go to the real store and ask their clients. If you do this, you could keep the style of this sunglass and make you look cool. At the same time, your eyes could be prevented from the uv under the sunlight.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Alright, I can see that and quite understand what you want. So, I believe that you cannot expect to send them to an optical store by email right? So, you had better pay a personal visit to an optical store, and of course they would provide you with prescription sunglasses lenses, but that may cost you some bucks. I recommend Walmart vision center to you, you could get such service over there.