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Hunter jackson


Can a colorblind people see the world just like a normal person does?

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    Yes. EnChroma, a company in Berkeley, California, has created colorblindness correcting glasses, which allow those who are colorblind to see hues they may have never experienced before. While the sunglasses, which are meant for outdoor use in daylight. This pair of sunglasses is made from polycarbonate-a material that's kid-friendly and usable in sports. It is available to both prescription and non-prescription wearers.
  • Ymme


    No, they can't. the color blindness is lack of perceptual sensitivity to certain colors, a more precise term is color vision deficiency. The color blindness can see colors, but can not make out the difference between some couples of complementary colors. The most predominant form of color blindness is the loss of reds and greens, and it causes problems in distinguishing reds and greens in the real world. however,It's a great pity that there is no treatment for color blindness.
  • emo_pain_818


    There are multiple kinds of color blindness which leave victims with various ranges of colors they can perceive.For example, a person has a genetic defect that pushes his red and green eye cones too close together muddying his vision of those spectrums. For him, traffic lights are especially challenging. However, while wearing the EnChroma CX sunglasses, Drucker can suddenly see the bright orange of a traffic cone or the individuals green leaves of a tree.The glasses work by selectively removing certain wavelengths between the red and green cones that allow them to be in essence pushed apart again.McPherson only learned about this potential use after a colorblind friend tried the glasses on and discovered the restorative effect.