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Are designer sunglasses better than chips sunglasses?

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  • estranged_soul


    There are lots of great reasons why designer sunglasses are a much better buy than cheap as chips sunglasses from the local Pound Shop. For one thing, you get what you pay for, which means a pair of designer sunglasses will almost certainly last a lot longer than a cheap and nasty pair. And for another, designer sunglasses are just a lot more fashionable than generic cheap shades, which if you care about your appearance is not something to sniff at. With this in mind, here are the top three brands worthy of your cash this year.
  • Katie


    The designer sunglasses are much better than chips sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are processed with fine material, which promised us with its high quality. Moreover, the designer sunglasses are specially designed by design masters who have good skill on designing. So they are more fashionable and they will bring you more comfortable feeling than the chips sunglasses. However, regarding to the price, the chips sunglasses are much lower than designer sunglasses.
  • yuanna


    Yes, designer sunglasses is better, because designer sunglasses are made from higher quality of materials than chips sunglasses,and which makes the designer sunglasses more durable yet lightweight.they also generally have scratch resistant lenses that will keep their new look much longer than a pair of cheap chips sunglasses. Designer glasses also will not break easily than chips sunglasses. So,maybe designer sunglasses are more expensive than chips sunglasses, but they are truly worth the money.