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I do not have any vision problems, should I need a pair of eyewear as fashion accessory?

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  • Isabelle


    Yeah, nowadays, even if you have no vision problem, a pair of eyewear can also be as a fashion accessory.Choosing glasses to suit your personality is becoming increasingly popular and if you are a fun and funky dresser then choosing glasses to match your look is easy. Opt for brightly coloured frames in a unique design and make a statement wherever you go. If you prefer a more classic, stylish look, opt for the black square 'nerd' frames that are so hot right now. Alternatively, go for the cat eye glasses that are a contemporary take on the 1960's style that was made popular by Bridgette Bardot and were considered the first feminine glasses designed especially for woman. Glasses now serve so much purpose than just being practical, they are a fashion accessory that can speak volumes about your style and add an alluring and intellectual angle to any outfit.
  • Michael anderson


    As we all know that eyewear are a kind of medical device. Nowadays, more and more people accept sunglasses as just fashion accessory even though they do not have any vision problems. They can be non-prescription eyeglasses which also called clear lenses. Or they just are only frames without lenses.
  • Ham


    Yes. you should. Sunglasses are among the most fashionable accessories that can be used in many occasions. They can make you turn into a fashionista. As a guy, I recommend that a man have at least two pairs of sunglasses in his warbrobe. A classic, quality pair for every day use that can be worn with either a suit or polo shirt and a cheaper,disposable pair that can be worn in situations where the likelihood outdoor sports, you'll at some point want to consider a pair of athletic wrap around sunglasses.