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More time outdoors helps kids' eye health?

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  • copelynrose


    Children can have healthier eyes by spending more time outdoors.Once they're outdoors, their focusing mechanism is going to be out there so that their eyes are not working hard.It also increases blood flow and keeps the eye healthier in the long road, as long as they protect it from the sun.It is said parents should encourage their kids to push their screens away from them, also at an arm's length away, if they're working on a computer or a video game, he said. And every 15 minutes during those activities, the children should take a look out a window to relax their eyes.
  • Kam


    Yes. That's right, nowadays, more and more children spend a lot of time on the computer games indoor, that's very harmful for their eyesight. A study show that natural light may be essential for kid's eyesight. The researchers recommend that primary schools should add frequent breaks and other outdoors activities to their daily schedules to help protect children's eye development and vision. Exposure to daylight will help protect children from myopia. Parents should encourage their children to spent more time outdoors daily.
  • walfor


    Children's eyes continue to develop between ages 5 and 9. If the distance between the lens and the retina lengthens during these years, children are more likely to develop nearsightedness. Scientists believe exposure to outdoor light helps the eye maintain correct shape and length during these developmental years. Moreover, it is said that children, including those with a family history of nearsightedness, can improve their vision by spending at least 14 hours a week in outdoor light.