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Jocelyn david


Why black rimed eyeglasses are always in style?

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  • wesley


    Wherever you go, you will probably see more people sporting glasses with black rims than any other type of glasses. Black rim glasses have been around for a long time and they have been popular with men and women of every generation. Styles come and go; some achieve great popularity and then fade into oblivion; others do not even make a ripple. But black rimmed glasses will always be in style and there are good reasons for it! Because glasses with black rims have been a constant throughout history. While the styles have changed slightly to incorporate modern innovations and styles in eyewear, you can count on black rim glasses to retain their classic look. Moreover, they go well with any complexion: Black frames go well with any type of complexion. No matter your skin tone, black rim glasses will look great on you. Black rim glasses also have the ability to add definition to your face.
  • J Bell


    I know that black rimed eyeglasses are always popular among students. I think the reasons can be concluded as the following ones. They are classic. Thick black rim frames are often lightweight and made of materials like acetate. You can comfortably wear them the whole day without their weight pressing down on the bridge of your nose.The geek chic look is here to stay. It is definitely cool to sport a nerdy, or smart look. No longer worn only by nerdy types, black rim glasses are fashionable for all men and women, no matter where their interests lie.They bring focus to your face. Black frame glasses are a bold statement that will definitely draw attention to your face. Emphasize your best features with a pair of statement glasses in a dark color.
  • Pinge


    There are some reasons that as follow:
    A classic accessory for any person who always keep up with the latest trends.
    Made of a very light materials which is very comfortable to wear.
    The color of this frame are flatter on everyone no matter their skin types.
    Black frames will make you turn into a geek guy when you really wearing them.
    They will enhance your facial features, attract more attention.