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What are most popular sunglasses brands for 2015?

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  • Andrew


    There are three most popular sunglasses brands for 2015. They are Miu Miu.Miu Miu is part of the Prada brand and is headed by Miuccia Prada. The Miu Miu high fashion and accessories brand launched in 1993 and has become highly successful over the years. Miu Miu sunglasses are always at the cutting edge of sunglasses fashion design, which makes them perfect for fashionistas. This year, Miu Miu has some fantastic designs, in particular semi-rimless sunglasses, which are one of the hottest trends of 2015. You should also look out for their reverse ombre tinted shades. Shwood. For a pair of highly collectible, hand crafted sunglasses made from natural materials, look no further than Shwood. Choose from a selection of wood, acetate, titanium 50:50 sunglasses in stylish round, square and rectangle designs. Schwood sunglasses are available from a number of outlets, but we favour Red Hot Sunglasses.Tom Ford.Tom Ford started off his career as a designer with Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, but he's now designing for his own brand. As you might expect from such an innovative designer of eyewear, Tom Ford sunglasses are luxurious, decadent and eminently stylish. Celebrities love Tom Ford designs, so a pair of Tom Ford shades will give you Red Carpet glamour wherever you happen to be. Choose from a great range of new designs for men and women, including Astor, Riley and Carli sunglasses.
  • Susan


    When it comes to this question, I think the most popular sunglasses brand is Maui Jim. The Maui Jima kahuna are equipped with polarized lens which features a composite black frame, and super thin glass lens. The glass is more durable, can withstand higher temperature, and they feature additional UVA and UVB protections, allowing you to wear them under nearly any weather conditions, or the brightest sun conditions. The other pair of sunglasses is Maui Jim Break Wall. With an extremely thin metal frame, these are going to fit your face comfortably. The wider lens, along with wrap around design style, are going to cover the tops, as well as the side of the eyes extremely well, for added protection. You can choose from polarized or non-polarized lens with these frames. Hope this helpful. You can try one of these two pairs.
  • ANAN


    Actually, there are many kinds of sunglasses are very popular for 2015. You can have a look on these website:
    and I hope to help you.

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