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Too much tech could be causing nearsightedness?

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  • edward


    myopia, the blurry vision we know as nearsightedness, is reaching epidemic proportions-it could overtake a third of the world's population by decade's end. But is the condition caused by the rise of computers and mobile devices that strain the world's eyes? It turns out that tech can cause nearsightedness.but not in the way you might think.scientists have long been on the hunt for the cause of myopia, which has been linked to higher education levels, genetics and book work over the years. But though researchers have been unable to find a link between specific computing or reading behaviors and myopia, says Dolpin, they did find a connection between eyesight and the amount of time spent indoors.As we spend more time indoors consuming technology, it appears that our susceptibility to myopia rises.
  • James


    With times past by development, an increasing number of people of all ages are using their free time for digital entertainment. Such as computer, television, smartphone and so on, with these new tech comes new hazards and damage to our eyesight. Most computer games or information on the smartphone or tv play series require lengthy involvement to finish,forcing people to stay focused on the screen during their freetime. This can lead to many eye problem,including headaches,blurred vision,and nearsightedness if frequent breaks are not taken to relax your eyes. So in order to protect our vision, you had better make certain to position yourself properly when you must set in front of the computer. And take frequent breaks and reduce glare( maybe a pair of computer glasses may help your eyesight.) in addition you can eat more vitamin A, Lutein,and selenium, they also can do a good job on your eyesight.