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Vanessa george


What are the dangers of wearing tight eyeglasses?

I ordered a pair of eyeglasses and the eyeglass temples create a pressure on my two sides because frame width is too small. Should I return the product?
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  • cajunbel29


    It is easily for you to get headache because of the tight eyeglasses. So I highly suggest you to return it as they will be uncomfortable.
  • Alexander david


    If you feel that your eyeglasses temples create a pressure on your two sides, your eyeglasses must be a little bit tight for your face. I do not know whether you can return the product or not. What you need to do is ask for the help from customer service person. Here I kindly suggest you to take the size of your old pair as reference when you decide to buy a new pair.
  • Lara


    You should return it because you will begin to get headaches as they will be uncomfortable.


    The most that could come of that is a headache which no one likes so go get a pair that fit better if possible but don't stress about them being to tight its not a serious problem.