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What men eyewear for round faces?

What men eyewear for round faces?
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  • Jessica


    Usually, men with round faces are featured with full cheeks with rounded chin with few angles. And the width and length of their face are in the same proportions. To flatter their appearances, they shall choose eyeglasses frames with with angular and geometric lines at the edge of glasses frames so as to sharp your facial features. This is the reason why some people recommend square or rectangular shaped eyeglasses frames for people with round face.
  • walkmen123


    Before choosing a pair of glasses, we need to know the feature of our own face shape so that we are able to pick the right one that suit us perfectly. For men with round faces, they seem to be very cute and young. While at the same time, a round face maybe looked a little fat and immature for some people. I have some suggestions for you. In the first place, do not choose the glasses that are shaped round, for it may make your face look even more round. You can try the squared sunglasses and cat eye ones. These glasses can help to make your face more stereoscopic. Then, you should pick some bigger glasses. The bigger glasses can cover larger area of our face. Therefore, they will help to make our face look much smaller and thinner.