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How can I align eyeglass frames?

One side of my prescription glasses is a little higher than the other after I wear them for several months. Is there any way to align my eyeglass frames?
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  • John


    If your eyeglasses frames are made of plastic, you can soak the eyeglasses in warm water for about 30 minutes to soften the frames so that the frame is pliable. Then, you can dry the eyeglasses with a towel and them adjust the glasses to make them align. Then, clean the eyeglasses again in cases there are fingerprint on your glasses lenses. But if your eyeglasses frames made of metal, you need to prepare tools to loose the screw so as to adjust the frames. You'd better have an optician to do it since it is complicated.
  • coldshadow05


    If your glasses frame is plastic, you can use hair dryer to blow the middle of the feet, if you feel it is a little hot, you can adjust it. Use your hand adjust it along with the direction of the feet to make them align, but do not use too much strength. But I suggest you go to optical shops and find a professional person to help you adjust it.

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