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Why big nerd glasses are so cool this season?

Why big nerd glasses are so cool this season?
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  • ct_exposed


    As we all know, 2012 is a particularly big year for nerd glasses. This kind of glasses can make you look attractive as well as learned. They are the trend, a fashion darling, praised by all circles. When you wear nerd glasses, you should pay attention to some tips: you should make them an element of your all styles instead of wearing them just once or twice; make sure your dresses are consistent with your glasses; consistency is the key. There are some types of nerd glasses for you to choose such as Wayfarer-Style Nerd Glasses,Clark Kent-Style Nerd Glasses,Half-Frame Nerd Glasses and Costume Nerd Glasses. You can choose one that flatter you most.
  • Vivian


    For most of guys, the big nerd glasses can be paired with hip-hop type clothing or even a full suit. It is looks more hip-hop with the decorating of big nerd glasses. Besides, for girls, wearing a pair of big nerd glasses cam match their with a smart and intelligent look in a nice way. In addition, the simple design of the nerd glasses allow it cope with many clothes. Besides, the glasses frames suit for people of all ages.

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