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Dawn C.


How to make my Child Wear Prescription Glasses?

How to make my Child Wear Prescription Glasses?
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  • christy9589


    If your child need wear prescription glasses but s/he don't like it, you help your child understand why s/he needs prescription glasses. And told him/her the harm of not wearing eyeglasses but they actually need. Besides, you shall choose some nice look eyeglasses frames for his/her prescription glasses to attract your child. Besides, the comfortable wearing is must be to let your child wearing the prescription glasses.
  • Daniel christian


    You may pay attention to the following tips. Firstly, try your best to make your child know the reason why he need to wear glasses and let him know the benefit of the glasses. Secondly, give your child the freedom to choose the frame he like. Thirdly, make sure choose a pair of glasses that fit your child properly, neither too tight nor too loose. Fourthly, offer some rewards for them to wear glasses. What's more, make it clear to your child that certain activities require glasses like reading books or watching TV. At last, clean the lenses regularly to make sure that your child feel the glasses are a necessary thing for him to see clearly.
  • vincent


    Firstly, you should educate your children about some knowledge on eye care and make them be aware of the importance of eye health. Remember to tell them the harm of not wearing a prescription glasses if they're near sighted.Thus, they would attach great importance to their eyes. Secondly, you can give them some rewards if they are keeping wearing glasses and behaving well. Sometimes rewards of words or material will be useful.