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What are suitable prescription glasses for heart face shapes?

I do have vision problem and am looking for good prescription glasses suited for me. I have a heart shape. What types of glasses should I choose?
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  • Michelle


    If you have a heart shaped face, you may have broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin. To flatter you, you can choose cat eye frames in a classic tortoise color if you are women or girls. Besides, rectangular frames will sit neatly on a heart shaped face that can balance out a pointed chin. Besides, wayfarer style is also good choices for people with heart face shape. And wayfarer glasses fit for men and women.
  • Elijah leslie


    Elliptic thin-framed prescription glasses are suitable for heart face shapes. It should be said that people with heart face shapes can wear a variety of glasses, but the fine border and the vertical line frame is the most suitable. Man can choose a frame whose below frame is narrow than the top, in general, do not choose the flat type of frame. Female can also choose a frame whose frame is narrow than the top, but it should have a low height and a little warped type, in order to increase the visual length of the face.

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