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What are best prescription glasses for long face?

I'm looking for prescription glasses for me and I have a long face. What glasses will suit me well?
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  • Andrea warren


    If you have a long face, the best prescription glasses frames shall make your face appear wider and shorter. In details, you shall choose eyeglasses frames with round style or geometric shape with generous vertical dimensions. Besides, eyeglasses with decorative temples or temples with contrasting colors that can help add width of your appearance. Eyeglasses frames with temples and bridges that located near the middle of the frames are the best choices to enhance your look.
  • Michelle leonard


    Rectangular frames can be suitable for long face. Because your face is long, so the frame should be as much as possible to cover your face. You should also choose thick frame to reduce the impression of a long face. If you are a male, you can choose a wider frame, such as big frame which approximate square. If you are a female, you can choose a frame with edges.
  • Arianna


    Different kind of face shape need different styles of glasses frames. And there generally 7 types of face shapes. They are round, oval, oblong, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond and square. Those people with a long face usually have a long straight cheek line. For making this kind of face looks balanced, it is widely believed that they need a frame with decorative or contrasting temples to add width to the face, or a low bridge to shorten the nose. When selecting a right pair of glasses to flatter your face, color, size and shape of the frame are the most important factors that you should pay a lot of attention.
  • Eugenia W.


    In my opinion, for people with a long face, they seem to be very serious and even dull. Here are some tips for long faces when choosing their prescription glasses. Firstly, do not choose the sunglasses that are shaped long or slender, for it may make your face look even longer. Secondly, You can try the bigger glasses. These bigger glasses can cover larger area of our face. Therefore, they will help to make our face look much shorter and smaller, and make us look fashionable as well. What's more, bright-colored ones will also help to transfer other people's attention.