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Jacob adams


How about the fitting of the eyeglasses bought from online shop?

I am wondering if anyone has experience buying eyeglasses from an online store. I realize you need to have an eye exam done locally however it seems as if the pricing from online stores is much better than local stores. My only concern is the fitting of the glasses. Has anyone bought online? Any suggestions or comments?
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  • Justin fergus


    I only buy glasses online, they are so much cheaper and have never had a problem. The fix is one issue though, the site you buy from should list all the measures though. My first time buying online I bought 3 pairs for around $50, one fit very well and the others so-so and I use them for extras. But now I know what to buy.
  • greg t


    I think I am the right person to answer you this question. Once I have bought a pair of eyewear from I have my prescription script from my eye doctor. However, there is no pupillary distance on the prescription list. PD is a must for ordering eyeglasses online. The customer service person is so friendly and tell me how to measure it just by myself. Then I just cost a fraction of money compared with buying at local eyeglasses store. Most importantly, it fits me wear and I am very comfortable while wearing it.