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Zoe may


Are glass lenses better than plastic lenses for sunglasses?

When i choose sunglasses, I find there are different sunglasses made with glass lenses and plastic lenses. So, which one is better, Are glasses lenses better than plastic lenses for sunglasses? Why?
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  • Arianna walker


    First of all, I believe the plastic lenses you mentioned are lenses made of resin. Compared with each other, both lenses have their own advantages and disadvantages. Resin lenses are lighter. Wearing resin lenses puts less pressure on nose and skins. It is more comfortable. Resin lenses are also easier to dye. Considering about colors, sunglasses might be cooler with resin lenses. For glass lenses, it is harder than resin lenses. Glass lenses are wearing-resisting while resin glasses could be easily scratched. On the other hand, glass lenses have good looking. Glass lenses are much thinner than resin lenses for same degree of myopia even though they are heavier. But you shall pay attention to one thing that once glass lenses are broken, the broken pieces are really dangerous to eyes. But resin lenses seldom are broken in pieces even being crushed.
  • Jerry H.


    Well, in my opinion, you should try sunglasses which are made of plastic. Maybe we have a common sense that glasses are good than plastics. But now it all has changed. Plastic has become the most popular choice of sunglasses lens. Because they are made of hard resin, the lenses are lighter, easier to tint, and more shatter-resistant than standard glass. Also you should know that according to some experts, the newest material is the plastic high-index lens, which are better for high-power prescriptions. Because it's lighter and thinner than glass or plastic, it is recommended in sports and some other activities. Maybe you can have a try.
  • walkyr


    It is so hard to say whether the glasses lenses are better than the plastic lenses for the sunglasses because both two sides have their own advantage and disadvantages. The glasses lenses may be easily broken when falling down. And the plastic lenses can be beard for several falling down. However, the plastic lenses will be light which will be worn comfortable. While the glasses lenses sunglasses will be a little heavy. Thus, you'd better base on your own needs to choose. If you are an uncareful person, you should choose the plastic one. If you are the person who cares about the quality, you'd better choose the glasses lenses sunglasses.

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