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How long does it take to get glasses from kaiser ?

Have you ever bought eyeglasses from kaiser ? How long will it take to get glasses after you order it?
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Answers (4)

  • enigma_g


    You may have to wait for about a week. I got the pair of eyeglasses from Kaiser after six days since I ordered it. However, if you have any special requirements on the eyeglasses, the manufacturing time may be a little longer. You may call them and ask them the detail.
  • April


    Well, as far as I know,Kaiser is a famous eyeglasses store which is widely renowned for its quality goods and timely delivery. And it has developed good reputation for its commitment to making quality glasses. Generally speaking, it will take less than two weeks before you finally get what you have ordered. However, sometimes postpones are possible, so you should give them calls to make sure they promise timely delivery.
  • Alexa


    Like all online shops, I think they will send the glasses to you by shipping. The time of shipping depends on the location and distance as well as the shipping manner. Generally speaking, it will take one or two weeks for you to get your order.
  • Bella


    well, It's been 11 days and I still have not gotten a call saying there ready