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Sara scott


What to do if i get bug spray in my eyes?

I feel terrible because there is bug spray in my eyes. Any tips? What should i do to make my eyes feel better?
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  • eddy


    In case that any chemical products enter your eyes, the first and the most important thing to do is rinse your eyes with cold running water through. Based on different ingredients, bug spray can be either acidic or alkaline. Both of the ingredients will undertake chemical reaction. Different reactions arouse different result which may do harms to eyes. As chemical substances are not easy to react in low temperature, thus cold water shall be used to reduce the burning. Running water could take the substance adhering to eyes so that more damage could be avoided. After rinsing your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes, if you are not sure about the ingredient of bug spray, do not use eye-drops rashly. Go to the doctor for professional guidance.
  • JOHB


  • merc


    This just happened to me what i would say to do is get a paper towel or get a clean rag and get really cold water . After you wet the paper towel or the clean rag apply it to your eye and carfuley rub your eye.
  • Calvin


    First, you should immediately wash your eyes with plenty of clean water for 15 minutes, try to wash the spray away. This may ease the pain and burning feeling in the eyes. Then you may use some antiphlogistic eye drops to prevent infection. Since there are chemical substances in the bug spray, if necessary, you'd better go to hospital and have a careful eye examination.
  • Jacob adams


    If you have get bug spray in your eyes, you shall try to get it out of your eyes. You can keep frequently blink that help you make the bug appear in your eyes, and you can use your finger to remove it. If blinking eyes doesn't work, you can get help from eye drops. Use some drops to flush it out. If could possible, you shall use lots of water to wash your eyes. As long as you remove the bug out and clean your eyes with lost of water, any eye discomfort will disappear.
  • cthier


    When you have bug spray in your eyes, it will be painful for you. So you should take some measures as soon as possible. First, flush your eyes with water immediately before they sting because that could cause harm to your eyes. But you should be careful about it for the eyes are infected easily. Then, you can go and surf the internet and find some ways to heal it.